Update 1/2/18

Hey all! Thanks for anyone whom has played Confession and offer feedback to greater improve it.

Some fixes that have been made are noted below, but admittedly  I forgot to write down a few I made a few weeks back before I got busy, so there is probably a few things unlisted that were also fixed. BEWARE OF POTENTIAL SPOILERS!

-Fixed bug which prevented items from disappearing after being picked up

-Energy drinks should actually be added now, not a second Epad

-The elixir transaction should now take place properly, with gold decreased and elixir gained

-NPCs should no longer wander the corridor shadows (learn from my mistakes - check your tileset settings after importing them xD)

-Transitioning from the West Hallway and back should no longer result in stuck/invisible player

-The school walls and entrances leading to/from the outdoor field have been changed to be more aesthetically pleasing.

-Movements for the confession events have been fixed - the player should no longer have "anime stalker" syndrome and actually go up to the one they're confessing to.


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Jan 03, 2018

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